Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

University Technician in Chemistry, major in Industrial Chemistry


The University Technician in Chemistry, major in Industrial Chemistry, is qualified to perform variable control tasks in the production processes of the specialty; collaborate in studies and research in the context of industrial chemistry; organize, control and execute the tasks of the chemical laboratory ensuring quality and environmental care in accordance with the applicable regulations. He/she collaborates in multidisciplinary work teams and is capable of implementing and executing analytical and instrumental techniques to identify and quantify components of different types of samples.


1st Semester
  • Elements of Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Introduction to Physics
  • English Language l
  • General Chemistry
  • General Chemistry Laboratory
2nd Semester
  • Applied Mathematics
  • General Biology
  • Introduction to Metrology
  • Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
  • nit Operations
3rd Semester
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Biotechnology
  • Applied Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
  • Applied Quantitative Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Chemical Industries Laboratory l
  • Industrial Processes
4th Semester
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Chemical Industries Laboratory ll
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  • Environmental Control

(*) This study program requires having passed the industrial internship in the fourth semester to obtain the degree of University Technician in Chemistry, major in Industrial Chemistry.

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