Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María


The Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María recognizes with different medals to some members of its community, either for the importance of their positions, individual achievements or institutional commitment for their years in the institution.

There is a medal for the figure of the President, it is made of golden metal, without enamel and with his/her name engraved with the detail of the years of his/her term. It must be used for all solemn ceremonies that require academic dress.

The Doctor Honoris Causa medal is awarded as an honorary degree to outstanding persons of Chilean or foreign nationality, who are not members of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria and who, by virtue of their merits or their outstanding actions for the benefit of the study of science and technology in Chile and abroad, have distinguished themselves at the national or international level.

The doctoral medal is a recognition awarded to professors belonging to the University faculty upon obtaining the degree of doctor, which is presented during the Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony. Made of gold metal, without enamel, the back is engraved with the name of the professor and the university where he/she obtained the doctorate degree. It must be worn at all solemn university ceremonies requiring academic dress.

The “Federico Santa María Carrera” and “José Miguel Carrera” medals are academic distinctions awarded at the Graduation Ceremony to the graduating student of an Engineering or Technical University degree, respectively. Whoever receives them stands out in the achievement of the profile of excellence, and has recognized merits and consecration in their studies during their stay in our University

The medal of recognition for years of service is a symbolic distinction of recognition and gratitude for the love and effort given to any University employee who completes 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years of service in the USM.

This medal is coined with the portrait of Federico Santa Maria Carrera and his will, as well as the name of the official or professor being honored, the years of service and the year of the award.

Medal of the President

Doctor Honoris Causa Medal

Medal of Recognition to Professors belonging to the University faculty who hold a Doctorate degree

Medal to students who obtain the degree of Doctor in our University

Academic Distinction Federico Santa Maria Carrera

Academic Distinction José Miguel Carrera

Medal of recognition for 10 years of service

Medal of recognition for 20 years of service

Medal of recognition for 30 years of service

Medal of recognition for 40 years of service

Medal of recognition for 50 years of service

Medal of recognition for 60 years of service

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