Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Academic and Teaching Offices

The basic unit of academic management at USM is the Academic or Teaching Office. Each unit performs its academic and teaching function according to plans, programs and regulations duly approved by the relevant bodies of the University and according to the guidelines of our Institutional Strategic Plan.

Currently, the Universidad Tecnico Federico Santa Maria develops its academic and teaching work through its 29 departments, whose directors, names and websites are listed below.

Anamaria Arpea

Director of Aeronautical Department

Luis Felipe González

Director of Architecture Department

Macarena Ramirez

Director of Science Department (Viña del Mar)

Karina Montecinos

Director of Science Department (Concepcion)

Enrique Calderón

Director of Construction Science and Risk Management Department (Viña del Mar)

Sergio Monroy

Director of Construction Science and Risk Management Department (Concepcion)

Mario Salinas

Director of Design and Manufacturing Department

Gernot Hecht

Director of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports Department

Esteban Díaz

Director of Electricity Department

Werner Creixell

Director of Electronic Engineering Department

Cristian Lara

Director of Electronic and Computer Science Department (Concepcion)

Loreto Marín

Director of Electrotechnics and Computer Science Department (Viña del Mar)

Marianna Oyanedel

Director of Humanistic Studies Department

Ricardo Henríquez

Director of Physics Department

Oscar Saavedra

Director of Industry Department

Claudio Lobos

Director of Computer Science Department

Pablo Isla

Director of Business Management Department

Roger Schurch

Director of Electrical Engineering Department

Leonardo Madariaga

Director of Design Engineering Department

Jaime Núñez

Director of Mechanical Engineering Department

Karem Tello

Directora of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department

Claudio Acuña

Director of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department

Alejandro Allendes

Director of Mathematics Department

Félix Pizarro

Director of Mechanics Department (Viña del Mar)

Fabrizzio Cariñe

Director of Mechanics Department (Concepcion)

Gabriel García

Director of Civil Construction Department

Luis Espinoza

Director of Chemistry Department

Miguel Zazopulos

Director of Chemistry and Environmental Science Department (Viña del Mar)

Rafael Solar

Director of Chemistry and Environmental Science Department (Concepcion)

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