Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

USM Presidents

Throughout its history, the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria has had fifteen presidents, six of whom have studied at the university. The first of these was Karl Laudien (1928-1935), who came from Germany. Laudien was in charge of the Escuela de Artes y Oficios (School of Arts and Crafts) and the Colegio de Ingenieros (College of Engineers) José Miguel Carrera until 1935.

Later, Armando Quezada Acharán (1935-1936) took over as President, followed by Francisco Cereceda Cisternas (1936-1958) and Carlos Cerutti Gardeazábal, who would be in charge for a decade (1958-1968).

At the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies, the USM was headed by Presidents Wilheim Feick (1968-1969), Jaime Chiang Acosta (1969-1972) and Domingo Santa María Santa Cruz (1972-1973). As of 1973, the University had designated maximum authorities: Juan Naylor Wieber (1973-1977) Ismael Huerta Díaz (1977-1984) and Arturo Niño de Zepeda Schele (1984-1989)

With the return to democratic life in our country, the University placed in the leadership of Gustavo Chiang Acosta (1989-1993), Adolfo Arata Andreani (1993-2007), Giovanni Pesce Santana (2001-2005), José Rodríguez Pérez (2005-2014), Darcy Fuenzalida O’Shee (2014-2022) and Juan Yuz Eissmann (2022 – present) the challenges of continuous growth, which has allowed the USM to continue consolidating itself as one of the most important universities in the country and in Latin America.

It should be noted that throughout its history the USM has been headed by seven Presidents who were formed by the University: Carlos Cerutti Gardeazábal, Jaime Chiang Acosta, Gustavo Chiang Acosta, Adolfo Arata Andreani, José Rodríguez Pérez, Darcy Fuenzalida O’Shee and Juan Yuz Eissmann.

Juan Yuz Eissmann

Term 2022 - present

Darcy Fuenzalida O'Shee

Term 2014-2022

José Rodriguéz Pérez

Term 2005-2014

Giovanni Pesce Santana

Term 2001-2005

Adolfo Arata Andreani

Term 1993-2001

Gustavo Chiang Acosta

Term 1989-1993

Arturo Niño de Zepeda (Delegado)

Term 1984-1989

Ismael Huerta Díaz (Delegado)

Term 1977-1984

Juan Naylor Wieber (Delegado)

Term 1973-1977

Domingo Santa María

Term 1972-1973

Jaime Chiang Acosta

Term 1969-1972

Wilhem Feick (Provisional)

Term 1968-1969

Carlos Ceruti Gardeazábal

Term 1958-1968

Francisco Cereceda Cisternas

Term 1936-1958

Armando Quezada Acharán

Term 1935-1936

Karl Laudien

Term 1928-1935

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