Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Civil Metallurgical Engineering


Civil Metallurgical Engineers are specialists in the transformation of minerals into materials for everyday life. Steel for construction, copper for transporting energy, alloys for aeronautical uses or high-tech electronic materials, all come from the earth’s crust. The increasing scarcity of minerals, energy and water poses great challenges for the modern mining and metallurgical industry to provide recyclable materials in a sustainable manner at low prices under quality working conditions.


1st Semester
  • Introduction to Metallurgical Engineering
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Physical Education I
  • Mathematics I
2nd Semester
  • General Physics I
  • Physical Education II
  • Mathematics II
  • Programming
3rd Semester
  • General Physics III
  • Sports
  • Mathematics III
  • Materials and Processes Laboratory
  • Basic Chemistry
  • English for Engineering I
4th Semester
  • General Physics II
  • Extractive Metallurgy Laboratory
  • Mathematics IV
  • Basic Chemistry Laboratory
  • Process Calculation
5th Semester
  • General Physics IV
  • Metallurgical
  • Thermodynamics I
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Chemistry of Materials
  • Science of Materials
  • English for Engineering II
6th Semester
  • Geology and Mineralogy
  • Physical Metallurgy I
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Metallurgical Thermodynamics II
  • Solid Mechanics
7th Semester
  • Mineral Beneficiation
  • Physical Metallurgy II
  • Metallurgical Kinetics and Reactor Design
  • Heat Transfer
  • Analysis and Design of Industrial Experiments
8th Semester
  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Melting
  • Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
  • Economy 1-A
  • Humanistic Course I
9th Semester
  • Basic Electrotechnics
  • Pyrometallurgy
  • Flotation
  • Welding
  • Operations Research Management
10th Semester
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Control
  • Humanistic Course II
  • Information and Financial Control
  • Elective Course of Specialty 1
  • Metallurgical Engineering Laboratory
  • Metallurgical Process Simulation
11th Semester
  • General Administration
  • Metallurgical Project I
  • Elective course I
  • Humanistic Course III
  • Elective Course of Specialty 11
  • Degree Process Workshop
12th Semester
  • Production Management
  • Dissertation
  • Elective course 11
  • Metallurgical Project 11
  • In addition, the Department of Architecture offers:

    • 1. Master’s Degree in Metallurgical Engineering Sciences, at the Main Campus, Valparaíso, daytime.
    • 2. Civil Mining Engineering, San Joaquin Campus.
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