Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Civil Chemical Engineering


The Chemical Civil Engineer of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria is highly qualified in the application of basic sciences and process engineering, which allows him/her to innovate or create technologies and processes, design equipment, optimize resources, incorporate operational standards, and efficiently manage resources in the process industry.


1st Semester
  • Introduction to Process Engineering
  • Mathematics l
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Physical Education l
2nd Semester
  • Mathematics ll
  • General Physics l
  • Programming
  • Humanistic Course l
  • Physical Education ll
3rd Semester
  • Mathematics lll
  • General Physics ll
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Humanistic Course ll
  • Chemical Engineering Workshop l
  • English Language l
4th Semester
  • Mathematics lV
  • Economy 1-A
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Balance of Matter
  • English Language ll
5th Semester
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Fluid Systems Mechanics
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Process Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Engineering Workshop ll
  • English Language lll
6th Semester
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Heat Transfer
  • Process Engineering Drawing
  • Thermodynamics for Chemical Engineering
  • English Language lV
7th Semester
  • Information and Financial Control
  • Matter Transfer
  • Analysis and Design of Industrial Experiments
  • Metallurgy and Materials
  • Chemical Engineering Workshop lll
  • Auxiliary Industrial Machinery
8th Semester
  • General Physics lV
  • Reactor Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Control
  • Chemical Engineering Workshop V
  • Elements of Mechanical Design
9th Semester
  • Chemical Process Analysis
  • Processes Laboratory
  • Elective Course of Specialty l
  • Elective Course of Specialty ll
  • Chemical Engineering Workshop V
  • English Language V or Elective Course/ Integral Formation
10th Semester
  • Process Design
  • Projects
  • Production and Quality Management
  • Elective Course of Specialty lll
  • Elective Course of Specialty lV
  • English Language Vl or Elective Course/ Integral Formation
11th Semester
  • Graduation i
  • Specific Projects
  • People and Organization in the Process Industry
  • Elective Course of Specialty V
  • Humanistic Course lll
  • English Language Vll or Elective Course/ Integral Formation
12th Semester
  • Graduation ll
  • Elective Course of Specialty Vl
  • In addition, the Department offers:

      • 1. Master of Science in Chemical Engineering. Areas of specialization:
        • a. Mineral Processing
        • b. Environmental Engineering
        • c. Food processing and bioprocess engineering
        • d. Automation-Process Control and Simulation
        • e. Process Engineering

    Accredited Institution for 6 years until March 2022. Main Campus, Valparaíso, daytime, presence-based.

    Agencia Acredita CI

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