Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Environmental Civil Engineering


The sustainable development of the country requires professionals who are able to lead the environmental vision within organizations and thus ensure the reduction of current and future environmental problems. To achieve this, the Civil Environmental Engineering (ICA) study program of the USM provides excellent training in environmental sciences and process engineering, as well as the development of skills to function adequately in diverse multicultural contexts, including the use of the English language in a professional context.

These tools will enable the USM ICA to propose innovative, economical and/or appropriate solutions to the interdisciplinary environmental challenges facing modern society.


1st Semester
  • Mathematics l
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • Physical Education l
2nd Semester
  • Mathematics ll
  • General Physics l
  • Programming
  • Physical Education ll
  • English Language l
  • Humanistic Course l
3rd Semester
  • Mathematics lll
  • General Physics ll
  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Environmental Engineering Workshop i
  • English Language ll
4th Semester
  • Optional Science Course
  • General Physics lll
  • Balance of Matter
  • Organic Chemistry Environmental Engineering
  • English Language lll
5th Semester
  • Fluid Systems Mechanics
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Process Thermodynamics
  • Process Engineering Drawing
  • Sports
  • English Language IV
6th Semester
  • Heat Transfer
  • Analysis and Design of Industrial Experiments
  • Thermodynamics for Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Environmental Engineering Workshop ll
  • English Language V
7th Semester
  • Matter Transfer
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Auxiliary Industrial Machinery
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental English Language
  • Humanistic Course ll
8th Semester
  • Solid Waste Treatment (English Language)
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Control
  • Reactor Engineering
  • Energy and Sustainability (English Language)
  • Environmental Engineering Workshop lll
  • Humanistic Course lll
9th Semester
  • Gas Treatment (English Language)
  • Soil and Water Remediation (English Language)
  • Economy l-A
  • Industrial Safety
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Introduction to Earth Sciences
10th Semester
  • Treatment of Riles (English Language)
  • Environmental Modeling (English Language)
  • Environmental Economics
  • Geographical Engineering
  • Elective course l
  • Elective course ll
11th Semester
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Degree Project l Project Evaluation (English Language)
  • People and Organization
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Engineering Innovation Project l
  • Elective course lll
12th Semester
  • Degree Project ll
  • Environmental Engineering Innovation Project ll
  • Elective course lV
  • All students must complete an industrial internship and a professional internship, each lasting two months.

    In addition, the Department of Architecture offers:

    l. Master of Science Program in Chemical Engineering.

    For more information, please visit: www.postgrado.usm.cl

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