Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Computer Engineering


The Computer Engineer with a technology-based degree from the USM is a professional whose competencies enable him/her to apply a distinctive scientific, computational, mathematical and engineering knowledge to different organizational, social and industrial problems. This engineer is able to develop technological products and services on heterogeneous platforms. Likewise, he/she has the knowledge to apply advanced data analysis solutions to different domains of the work of public or private organizations at national and international level, demonstrating the ability to integrate multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, taking into consideration the restrictions imposed by legislation, ethics, finances and people.


1st Semester
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Programming
  • Physical Education I
  • Humanities Key Competencies for Personal Development
  • English Language 1
2nd Semester
  • Introduction to Calculus
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Engineering Sciences I: Data Structure
  • Physical Education II
  • Humanities II: Competencies for Professional Development
  • English Language II
3rd Semester
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Engineering Sciences II: Programming Language
  • Computer Architecture and Organization
  • Databases
  • English Language III
4th Semester
  • Business Administration
  • Mechanical Physics
  • Engineering Sciences III: Software Analysis and Design
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Language Workshop
  • Statistics
5th Semester
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Innovation Management
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Sciences
6th Semester
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Labor Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Project Management
  • Systems Administration Workshop
  • Business Intelligence*
  • Visualization*
7th Semester
  • Elective course l
  • Elective course ll
  • Elective course lll
  • Software Project I
  • Degree Seminar
8th Semester
  • Elective course IV
  • Elective course V
  • Elective course VI
  • Software Project II
  • Degree Project
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