Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Civil Electrical Engineering


The Civil Electrical Engineer of the USM is prepared to perform efficiently in all the activities associated with the project, planning, administration, design, installation, operation, control and development of systems of generation, transmission, distribution, conversion and use of electrical energy. His/her solid background in basic sciences and engineering allows him/her to adapt to the changes that advances in science and technology establish, as well as to understand the social, economic and environmental transcendence of the projects, equipment or studies that are developed.

  • Professional Degree: Civil Electrical Engineer
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Duration: 6 years (12 academic semesters)
  • Study regime: Daytime
  • Location: Main Campus, Valparaiso and San Joaquin Campus
  • Visit the website of the Electrical Engineering Department


1st Semester
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Mathematics I
  • Programming
  • Humanistic Course I
  • Physical Education I
2nd Semester
  • General Physics I
  • Mathematics II
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Humanistic Course II
  • Physical Education II
3rd Semester
  • General Physics II
  • Mathematics III
  • Materials for Engineering
  • Humanistic Course III
  • English Language 1
  • Sports
4th Semester
  • General Physics III
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Mathematics IV
  • General Mechanics
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering
5th Semester
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Electrical Networks 1
  • Training and Business Leadership
  • Strength of Materials
  • Statistics
  • English Language II
6th Semester
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Electrical Networks II
  • General Electronics I
  • Humanistic Course VI
  • Electrical Metrology
7th Semester
  • Automatic Control I
  • General Thermodynamics and Laboratory
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • Humanistic Course VII
  • General Electronics II
8th Semester
  • General Physics IV
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory
  • Power Systems Analysis I
  • Fluid Mechanics I
  • Economics 1
9th Semester
  • Power Systems Analysis II
  • Electrical Machines I
  • Power Electronics
  • High Voltage Techniques 1
  • Economics 11
10th Semester
  • Power Systems Analysis III
  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Electrical Drives
  • High Voltage Laboratory I
  • Information and Financial Control
11th Semester
  • General Administration
  • Electrical Drives Laboratory
  • Project Evaluation
  • Operation of Electrical Power Systems
  • Fundamentals of Operations Research
  • Degree Process Seminar
12th Semester
  • Electrical Planning
  • Dissertation
  • Electrical Projects
  • Human Resources
  • All students must complete an industrial internship and a professional internship, each lasting two months. In

    addition, the Department offers an internship at Main Campus, Valparaíso:

    l. Electrical Engineering, a 5-year study program. No admission via University Transition Test.

    2. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Areas of specialization:

      • a. Electrical Power Systems
      • b. High voltage
      • c. Electrical machines and drives
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