Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Civil Construction


The development of the country demands the construction of infrastructure that contributes to the quality of life of the people, and this requires the work of professionals of excellence, innovators and with an entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, the Civil Construction study program at the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria provides a solid training in science and technology to develop in the field of administration and management of building projects, industrial assembly and civil works. Its comprehensive teaching profile provides all the tools to participate efficiently in construction processes and to develop as an entrepreneur.


1st Semester
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Programming
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Humanistic Course l
  • Mathematics l
  • Physical Education l
2nd Semester
  • Basic Physics l
  • Humanistic Course ll
  • Mathematics ll
  • Physical Education ll
  • Chemistry and Society
3rd Semester
  • Basic Physics ll
  • Descriptive Geometry
  • Mathematics lll
  • Humanistic Course lll
  • Structures l
  • Sports
4th Semester
  • Basic Physics lll
  • Structures ll
  • Mathematics lV
  •  Construction Materials l
  • Construction Drawing
  • Scientific and
  • Technological English l
5th Semester
  • Statistics
  • Wood Technology and Laboratory
  • Construction Equipment
  • Topography and Workshop
  • Concrete Technology and Laboratory
6th Semester
  • Economics l
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Wood and Steel Structures
  • Building Materials ll
  • Hydraulics
  • Scientific and Technological English ll
7th Semester
  • Construction l
  • Soils Mechanics I and Laboratory
  • Seismic-resistant Constructions
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Economics ll
8th Semester
  • Construction ll
  • Water and Sewerage Works
  • Industrial Constructions
  • Industrial Safety Seminar
  • Soils Mechanics ll and Laboratory
  • Roads I and Laboratory
9th Semester
  • Construction Management
  • Installations in Buildings
  • Civil Works Construction
  • Proposals and Tenders
  • History of Construction
  • Roads ll and Laboratory
10th Semester
  • Works Administration
  • Construction Legislation
  • Construction and Environment
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Financial Management of Works
  • Appraisal Seminar
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