Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María



The USM architect will master and apply advanced scientific-technological knowledge for the design, evaluation and development of habitats, thus promoting the improvement of people’s quality of life. The central theme of his speech will be the concern for sustainable intervention on the environment, entrepreneurship and disciplinary research. The USM architect will build an active interdisciplinary dialogue linking in an indissoluble way the architectural creativity and innovation with engineering sciences and resource management


1º lst Semester
  • Introduction to
  • Architecture Workshop
  • Mathematics I
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Physical Education I
2nd Semester
  • Introduction to
  • Architecture Workshop
  • Mathematics 11
  • Basic Physics for
  • Architects
  • Physical Education II
3th Semester
  • Urban Space Workshop
  • Mathematics 111
  • Theory and History of the City
  • Architectural Geometry
  • Concepts of Structures
  • Sports
4th Semester
  • Intermediate Space and Climate Workshop
  • Theory History of Vernacular Architecture
  • Contemporary Urban Culture
  • Computational Tools in Architecture
  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Approximate Analysis
5th Semester
  • Space Modeling Workshop
  • Theory History of Representation in Architecture
  • Territorial Intervention Strategies
  • Workshop on Computational Methods in Architecture
  • Basic Construction Systems
  • Soils and Foundations
6th Semester
  • Space and Tectonics Workshop
  • Theory History of Construction
  • Construction Management and Scheduling Pre-Practice
  • Seismic Resistant Structures
  • Economics 1
  • English Language 1
7th Semester
  • Advanced Workshop I
  • Elective Course I
  • Sanitary, Electrical and Climate Control Installations
  • Marketing and Market Research
  • English Language II
8th Semester
  • Advanced Workshop II
  • Elective Course II
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Real Estate Project Evaluation
  • English Language III
9th Semester
  • Advanced Workshop III
  • Elective Course III
  • Land Management
  • Complex Construction Systems
  • Steel Structures
10th Semester
  • Start of Degree Process (*)
11th Semester
  • Completion of the Degree Process (*)

(*) The student will be able to opt for the following modalities of Degree corresponding to two academic semesters:

Architecture Project, Urban Project, Thesis, Research and Development (r+d), Experimental or Project Practice.

In addition, the Department of Architecture offers:

  • Master in Sustainable Architectural Rehabilitation. Areas of specialization:
        a. Heritage
        b. Sustainability
        c. Practical Course in BIM Methodologies

Main Campus, Valparaiso, daytime.

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