Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Execution Engineering in Environmental Management and Control


The Execution Engineering in Environmental Management and Control is a professional with technical and scientific training on the environment and its interrelationships, as well as the skills and criteria required to evaluate, prevent and control the variables that cause deterioration in the biosphere.

To achieve the above, this professional has the relevant knowledge about the environment, environmental legislation and regulations, as well as the processes and techniques applicable to the prevention and control of water, soil and air pollution.

Aimed at

University Technicians or Higher-Level Technicians in the Chemical or Environmental Area.

Technicians in the Industrial Occupational Health and Safety Area.

Technicians of Industrial Areas with associated environmental aspects.

Other professionals (according to background review by the Academic Committee).


Weekly – Evenings: Classes three times a week in the evening from 18:30 to 21:45 hrs.


1st Semester
  • Business Administration
  • Computing
  • Mathematics
2nd Semester
  • Ecology
  • Physics
  • Environmental Contamination
3rd Semester
  • Environmental Technology
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Applied Statistics
  • Matter and Energy Balance
4th Semester
  • Toxic and Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
  • Industrial Processes
  • Energy Resources
  • Project Evaluation
5th Semester
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control Techniques
  • Quality Management and Control
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Environmental Management in the Company
6th Semester
  • Project and Degree Process
  • Territorial Planning and Management
  • Environmental Assessment Procedures
For more information, please send an email to admision@usm.cl, with your name, ID number, telephone number, career, campus or location of interest and inquiries.
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