Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

University Technician in Food Quality Management


The graduate student of this study program has the necessary skills to control the quality of methods, products and services in various food processes, with the ability to implement procedures to maintain the safety of these, ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices in production processes, and control raw materials, intermediate products and finished products from the physical, chemical and microbiological point of view. He/she develops quality management activities, monitoring, supervising, auditing and managing production processes in the food area. His/her solid theoretical and practical knowledge enables him/her to supervise the fulfillment of quality programs, quality assurance and hygiene in the elaboration of food products, statistical control of processes, as well as to maintain these conditions in the chain of sale; performing successfully in quality control departments, carrying out safety management in production plants and related laboratory analysis, and collaborating in the development of new products related to the food area. He/she has a solid background in the area of quality control and management, microbiology, food safety, food technology, microbiological and physicochemical analysis in continuous food production processes.

  • Degree: University Technician in Food Quality Management
  • Duration: 2 years (4 academic semesters)
  • Study regime: Daytime
  • Location: Viña del Mar Campus


1st Semester
  • Elements of Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • General Chemistry
  • General Chemistry Laboratory
  • Food Industry Operations I
  • Biology
2nd Semester
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Legislation
  • Food Industry Operations II
  • General Microbiology
3rd Semester
  • Quantitative Chemistry
  • English Language
  • Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory
  • Food Microbiology
  • Food Preparation Laboratory I
  • Quality Management and Control
4th Semester
  • Food Analysis Laboratory
  • HACCP and Food Safety
  • Bioprocesses and Industrial Disinfection
  • Food Preparation Laboratory 11
  • Food Control Laboratory

(*) This study program requires having passed the industrial internship in the fourth semester to obtain the degree of University Technician in Food Quality Management.

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