Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Product Design Engineering


The current environment is characterized by being complex, influenced by the globalization of production systems and by the development of different and more dynamic consumption models. In turn, the emergence of new requirements to understand the market generates the need for professionals with the skills to propose and implement “ideas with added value”. In line with the above, the Product Design Engineering study program of the USM effectively and synergistically integrates design, technology and business, in order to train a comprehensive professional whose purpose is to meet the needs of design, planning and conducting innovation projects in the context of product and service development.

  • Professional Degree: Product Design Engineer
  • Academic Degree: Bachelor degree in Product Design Engineering
  • Duration: 5 years (10 academic semesters)
  • Study regime: Daytime
  • Location: San Joaquin Campus and Main Campus Valparaíso
  • Visit the website of Product Design Engineering


1st Semester
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Transcendent Vision of the Human Being
  • Mathematics l
  • Physical Education l
2nd Semester
  • Basic Physics l
  •  Immanent Vision of Human Doing
  • Mathematics ll
  • Physical Education ll
  • Programming
3rd Semester
  • Basic Physics ll
  • Product workshop l
  • Mathematics lll
  • Aesthetic Vision of Human Activity
  • Engineering Design
  • English for Engineering l
4th Semester
  • Basic Physics lll
  • Product Graphics
  • Mathematics IV
  • Degree Workshop ll
  • Fundamentals of Heat and Fluids
  • English for Engineering ll
5th Semester
  • Economics l- A
  • Product Modeling
  • Elements of Mechanics and Strength of Materials
  • Product workshop lll
  • Manufacturing l
  • Sports
6th Semester
  • Human Factors
  • Virtual Representation of Products
  • Information and Financial Control
  • Product workshop lV
  • Manufacturing ll
7th Semester
  • General Administration
  • Manufacturing lll
  • Product Design
  • Product workshop V
  • Project Evaluation
8th Semester
  • Product Engineering Strategies
  • Advanced Manufacturing Methods
  • Finances
  • Product workshop Vl
  • Marketing
9th Semester
  • Business Start-up
  • Product workshop Vll
  • Applied Research
  • Materials, Function and Processes
10th Semester
  • Human Resources
  • Degree Process Workshop
  • Teamwork and Leadership
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