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Basic sciences are the pillar of any industrial process and activity, which increasingly requires the development of applied research to generate new knowledge. This requires innovative capacity, leadership and entrepreneurship on the part of new professionals. For this reason, the USM chemistry study program provides excellent training through the scientific and technological knowledge needed to address tasks associated with the adaptation, modification and generation of new processes.


1st Semester
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Chemistry and Society
  • Introduction to Physics
  • Humanistic Course I
  • Mathematics I
  • Physical Education I
2nd Semester
  • Basic Physics I
  • Humanistic Course II
  • Mathematics II
  • Physical Education II
  • Programming
3rd Semester
  • Basic Physics II
  • General Chemistry II
  • Mathematics III
  • Scientific and Technological English I
  • General Chemistry Laboratory
  • Sports
  • General Chemistry I
4th Semester
  • Basic Physics III
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Mathematics IV
  • Process Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry I
5th Semester
  • Physical Chemistry I
  • Quantitative Analytical Chemistry I
  • Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory I
  • Organic Chemistry II
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Scientific and Technological English II
6th Semester
  • Physical Chemistry II
  • Quantitative Analytical Chemistry II
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
  • Inorganic Chemistry II
  • Heat Transfer
7th Semester
  • Physical Chemistry III
  • Matter Transfer
  • Analytical Chemical Instrumentation
  • Humanistic Course III
  • Organic Synthesis
8th Semester
  • Instrumental Chemical Analysis I
  • Processes Laboratory
  • Economics
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Elective course 1
9th Semester
  • Research Unit
  • Elective course 11
  • Elective course 111
  • Elective course IV

This study program does not have direct admission via University Transition Test. Admission is through the common curriculum for Civil Engineering or Bachelor of Science degrees or through the corresponding specialization within Civil Engineering.

In addition, the Department offers:

  • 1. Master’s degree in Science, major in Chemistry.
  • 2. Doctorate in Sciences, major in Chemistry in cooperation with the Universidad de Valparaiso. Areas of specialization: Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Analytical and Environmental Chemistry. Fisicoquímica, Química inorgánica, Química Orgánica y Química Analítica y Ambiental.
  • 3. Doctorate in Biotechnology in cooperation with the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso.

For more information, please visit:: www.dgip.usm.cl

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